So we’ve droned on and on and on about the make-it-default-already proposed Lucid Metacity Homosapien.

It’s amazing, beautiful stuff.

Zac Barton – fast becoming my favourite themer – has now created an online customization tool that allows you to tweak the Homosapien metacity to your liking. And then download it.

Zac sells the features of the editor with aplomb: –

  • Want a smaller titlebar or how about a bigger one… no problem.
  • Want the menu icon to be that orange dot again or maybe just stick with the application icon… no problem.
  • Want to define the theme color independent of your system/gtk color or maybe just stick to matching your system/gtk color… no problem.
  • Hate those rounded bottom corners… no problem just turn them off.

Crazy awesome, right?

Check it out @

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