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"50% of Banshee Users run it full screen" and other interesting* Banshee facts

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Banshee 1.5.4 was released last week with some shiny new features and a handful of new functions – including equaliser presets, extra shuffle modes and, notably, an opt-in usage data collector thingy.


Gabriel Burt, a Banshee developer, posted stats from the opt-in on his blog and they make for fascinating reading. Well, for a stat junkie like myself they do.

Here are some facts gleaned from the data: –

  • Out of over 500 people who opted in, 383 use Ubuntu.
  • 4 use Fedora.
  • 363 of those Ubuntu users are using Karmic, 4 are using Jaunty and 16 are using Lucid
  • 82% of all users have compositing enabled
  • 5 people use Banshee in Swedish
  • 73% don’t enable the equalizer feature
  • 51% have the context pane showing, 49% close it.
  • About half have Banshee maximized and half don’t.
  • Median screen size is 1400×900
  • Average number of tracks sits at 5,200

Over 500 people already have opted in – if you use Banshee and don’t mind developers collecting some anonymous data on how you use the app, opt in and help improve Banshee!