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Awesome ‘Made On Ubuntu’ Badges For Your websites, Projects

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Tommy Brunns ‘Made on Ubuntu’ badges are great way to show off the power of Ubuntu when creating something using the worlds best OS – Ubuntu! (He also has some “made on Linux” ones, but sssh!)

If you have ever seen a website created by iWeb on OS X you will be familiar with the ‘Created on a Mac’ badge that sits at the bottom of said sites.

These ‘Made on Ubuntu’ badges follow the same ‘show-off’ principle and are a really awesome way to demonstrate that websites and other creative pursuits can be born from Linux!

Where to use them
Popping them on the bottom of your website created on Linux is their intended and most logical placement. I’ve used one on OMG! Ubuntu! for a long time (scroll down to the bottom to see it in action).

I have placed one on both the front cover and back cover of the PDF version of my forthcoming ‘Ubuntu Newbies Guide’ as well as using them at the end of some videos I have edited on Ubuntu.

You can download a tarball full of variations on the design and view them in action (including code for nice hover-over effects like ours) @