I interrupt normal proceedings to bring you a shameless plug for one of my favourite magazines – Linux Format – and one of my favourite people – Seif Lotfy – both of whom, for this month only, have combined to create this: –

(That’s Seif Lotfy on the cover  on Linux Format in case you didn’t spot it.)

Linux Format has been the only Linux-specific Magazine I have ever bought. Why? Because it has never failed to inform, entertain and teach me. Thusly I’ve never needed to buy any other.

Three-quarters of the magazine is user/n0ob/whatever you call yourself-friendly and it’s this accessibility that helped springboard me to full-time Linux-ing. 

In fact my very first dabble with Ubuntu was thanks to a LinuxFormat ‘multi-distro double-sided DVD.

It may be a tad on the pricey side over here in the UK (£7 an issue) but it is more often than not worth every penny.

LinuxFormat November issue is on sale now via usual outlets. It can also be purchased online.

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