Like many of us DeviantArt user DG09 likes to cap, post and upload screenshots of his Ubuntu desktop every month.

What’s unique about his latest entry for December is that it seemingly shows Nautilus with a navigation bar so akin to OS X Finder that, well, I almost can’t believe that it’s actually Nautilus.

DG09 hasn’t shared the theme in use above, a theme created by himself, so I have precious little else to offer to chameleon desktop fans.

As it is well past my bedtime when writing this the possibility of the image being a fake, a dream or even a hallucination are, potentially, on the ‘yes’ side of probable.

If anyone has a link to the theme I’d love to try it out.

As a polite notice to users for whom OS mimicry is a bane, try to keep any comments constructive and polite.

TIP | akira

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