My home folder is  stuffed full of random files in equally random folders. I know it’s a mess yet I keep making it messier.

One way to get organized is to use folders discriminately; i.e. have a folder for everything. Music goes in ‘Music’; lolcat pictures go in ‘lolcats’ etc.

If you’re put off by the thought of having a slew of bland folder icons you needn’t: Nautilus supports the creation of user-made emblems and these gems can be the key to staying organized.

OMG! Ubuntu! reader Christoph sent us the tip and above you can see his home folder diligently organized by the use of emblems.

To add you own emblems

There’s no point choosing a monkey icon for a folder you intend to use for geological coursework so think ‘symbolic’ or literal.

Once you’ve found some icons (they’ll need to be in .png format) add them to Nautilus through the ‘Edit’ > ‘Backgrounds and Emblems’ > menu.

Once you’ve added the emblem(s) you want just right click on the intended folder, choose ‘properties’ > ’emblems’ and select.

Tip | Christoph

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