So you have one photo you want to upload to Facebook but Shotwell seems over-kill and opening a browser seems too much effort.

Well, take the hassle out of posting images to your Facebook profile with this nifty Nautilus Facebook uploader script.

  • Download the tarball @
  • Extract to somewhere accessible
  • Double click on the ‘install’ script inside and choose ‘Run’ when prompted.
  • You can now right click on a photo and choose ‘Upload to Facebook’ form the scripts menu.

On your first run you will be prompted to ‘authorize’ the application to post photos to your wall/albums, etc.

One done authorize click the ‘Refresh’ button sat along the bottom and choose where you want your photo to be uploaded to. It defaults to posting to your wall.

Once ready hit upload and wait for it to do it’s thing. You’ll then see a confirmation pop-up.

And the image should appear in your desired location. Here’s the image I uploaded using the script posted on my wall.

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