Zimdicator is a simple messaging menu indicator for use with the open source Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

Created by Mitja Pagon to ‘scratch an itch’ (so to speak) it provides Zimbra users with convenient desktop integration – albeit basic – alerting them to new mail from all of their Zimbra e-mail accounts.


“Zimbra? What’s that?”

Although this post is far from designed to ‘sell’ Zimbra as a service, for those that don’t know much about it the official spiel describes it as an “email and calendar server.” with the benefit of “…outpacing traditional desktop application performance and working in the web browser, Zimbra gives you a better messaging and collaboration experience plus zero desktop lock in.”

Zimdicator features

Zimdicator 0.1 provides users with the following features: –

  • periodically checks users entire mailbox (all folders) for new mail messages
  • opens Zimbra Web Client in web browser on “All folders” click
  • configuration tool
  • secure communication with server (optional)
  • auto-start on login (optional)
  • secure password storage in Gnome Keyring
  • user settable mail check interval

Notify-OSD support is planned for version 0.2.

Install Zimdicator in Ubuntu

Zimdicator, like most things in life nowadays, can be installed via a PPA. The PPA contains only Zimdicator so you’re free to add it without fear of getting some buggy development library as part of the experience. The PPA is Lucid only.

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sect2k/zimdicator
  • sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install zimdicator

Bug reporting and feedback should be left on the Launchpad page @ https://launchpad.net/zimdicator

Thanks to Mitja Pagon
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