Indicator Applet support for LXDE based Ubuntu spin ‘Lubuntu’ is coming very shortly, Lubuntu developer Julien Lavergne has just announced to the Lubuntu mailing list. 

Lubuntu 10.10 will see the desktop panel – lxpanel – be able to display indicators of a handful of applications that already make use of Ubuntu’s coherent system-tidying initiative. Pidgin & GNOME-Power-Manager are currently supported but, with some further refinement, support for more should occur. Lubuntu-indicator-appletsIndicator support on lxpanel will not be enabled by default due to memory concerns and GNOME dependencies but the package will be available to install for Lubuntu 10.10 users either via the Lubuntu PPA or, very shortly, the main Maverick repository itself.

Picture: Julien Lavergne

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