All sorts of crazy tips came in over this last week, but rather then send barrages of tiny news, here’s the whole group at once!

New Icon for Rhythmbox in the Sound menu

Indicator Applets to change colors intelligently from code

  • Regular commenter and bug hunting superstar Bilal Akhtar let us know about this change, meaning more intelligent communication according to color in the indicator applet.

Ubuntu Lyric display software ExpoSong

  • Similar in ways to MediaShout or Powerpoint comes ExpoSong, a native app to aid in projection of lyrics, particularly in church settings. Version 0.7 was just released. Thanks Samuel!

Valve for Linux

Firefox Hardware Acceleration

  • … Will indeed be happening for Linux, under OpenGL compositing and XRender for content, according to this, anyway. Thanks Brett!

Minecraft Sandbox game

  • Quite honestly, I don’t know the first thing about how to describe this thing, but from what I understand you can basically make it do anything, more or less. It is still in alpha, but check out the site and the free version. Thanks Jason!

And last but not least, The Ubuntu Tour says thanks

  • Since our post about the project, the project has “simply exploded” according to Alex. E. M. Fields has asked that new volunteers make their way over to this wiki and add your name and contact info  to the category you would like to help in. Remember to sign up at the launchpad page!
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