Many people have websites they love keeping up-to-date on but find signing up for Google Reader or an installation of a desktop-based reader a bit OTT.

RSS-Aware is a small panel-only application that checks your favourite sites for updates every 15 minutes and alerting you if there is something new to be read.

It’s small, light and  makes use of the indicator-applet spec to deliver a simple menu with several features: –

  • Ubuntu notifications on new items to be read
  • Panel icon changes depending on read status
  • 15 minute checking interval means you’re always up-to-date
  • Add any many feed(s) you like


The developer behind the application has full install and download instructions over @

Just download, extract, install, add some feeds to the rssfeeds.txt in your home folder and you’re away.

Features I would love to see in future releases

As neat as the application is currently there is the potential for greatness. The addition of a “mark all as read” entry would mean the articles I have no desire to read don’t keep alerting me, a “refresh now” option would appease the inherent OCD within me and, call me petty, a “quit” button would be ace.

Further down the line a GUI of sorts for adding, muting or removing feeds would make many people happy.

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