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Humble Sports Bundle Serves up DiRT Rally, F1 2017, Other Linux Games

A new Humble Bundle is out, ready for you to throw money at — and this one is all about sports. Whether you’re into rally driving, football, fishing or blood-soaked hockey (no, really) the Humble Sports […]

2 August 2018
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4 Frightful Linux Games on Offer in the Humble Spooky Horror Bundle

Boo — there’s an all-new Humble Bundle out on the prowl, and this one is a total scream! The latest incarnation of everyone’s favourite gaming bundle is trick o’ treating with eight horrific highlights in […]

22 August 2017
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Humble Indie Bundle 18 Arrives, and All Games Support Linux

You're gonna need your wallet, a gamepad, and some long evenings because the Humble Indie Bundle 18 has arrived — and it's loaded with Linux games.

17 May 2017
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This Guy Tested 100 DRM-Free Humble Games on Linux So You Don’t Have To

This guy installed over 100 DRM-free Humble Bundle games on his Ubuntu laptop to see whether they work without any manual hackery and workarounds.

10 August 2016
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Duet Makes Its Linux Debut in Humble Indie Bundle 16

Acclaimed puzzle game Duet makes its Linux debut as part of the Humble Indie Bundle 16. The minimalist game is a late addition to the latest games selection offered through a pay-what-you-want model. But don’t let the simple […]

2 March 2016
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Humble Indie Bundle 16 Arrives to Help Swell Your Steam Library

Thanks to Humble Bundle I can, on the rare occasion I put my Wii U gamepad down, look at my Steam library and not wince. I’ve played virtually none of the games listed inside it but that’s beside the point, […]

24 February 2016

Humble Indie Bundle 13 Marks Over 100 Games Brought to Linux

Humble Indie Bundle 13 is here and marks the Humble Bundle's 100th game brought to Linux!

28 October 2014

Humble Indie Bundle 12 Adds More Games, Including Award-Winning Heist Co-Op

The Humble Indie Bundle 12 has levelled up, adding three more games to its action-packed roster — and they're all available for Linux.

17 September 2014

Humble Bundle for PC and Android 10 Adds Three Extra Games

If the Humble Bundle for PC and Android 10 hasn't tempted you so far, well done on resisting. But with a bunch of extra titles just added, think you can keep it up?

4 June 2014
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Humble Bundle 10 for PC and Android Arrives With New Linux Games In Tow

Now in its tenth release, the latest Humble Bundle for PC and Android is now live and features a selection of games brand new to Linux.

27 May 2014

Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9 Starts With 6 Games for Linux

What's that sound? Why, it's another Humble Bundle! Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9 is here with six titles for Linux gamers.

1 April 2014

Humble Indie Bundle 11 Arrives with 5 Linux Games

The Humble Indie Bundle is here again with another 5 games for Linux!

18 February 2014