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You’re gonna need your wallet, a gamepad, and some long evenings because the Humble Indie Bundle 18 has arrived.

All of the terrific titles in this lap of the popular limited-time sale support Linux, are available DRM free, and can be redeemed through Steam.

Humble Indie Bundle 18 Games

On offer for the next two weeks you get to pay whatever you dang well want to for this triple pack of awesome indie titles: Ziggurat, Windward and SteamWorld Heist.

Pay more than the going average at the time of purchase — currently ~$7 — and you bag a bevy of brilliant bonus games too, including Kentucky Route Zero  (season pass), Beholder, and Goat Simulator: GOATY (with all DLC, too). Better yet, more games will be added to this tier in a weeks time. No matter when you buy you will automatically get to download them!

“Disappearing characters and looming shadows are haunting yet intriguing threads woven into a rich narrative experience…” we wrote in our Kentucky Route Zero Act 1 review from a few years back, going on to award the game 4.9/5 stars — this game alone is definitely worth $7 or so.

Finally, if you opt to donate more than $13 (which is roughly £11) you’ll pick up a copy of perfect pixel-art platformer Owlboy.

The total combined value of all the games on offer is $127 — you can get ’em all for just $13.

As mentioned at the outset all of the games in the Humble Indie Bundle 18 are compatible with Linux (hurrah) and are available both DRM free (woo!) and can be redeemed through Steam (yeah!).

Tempted, tickled, or interested? Head over to the Humble Bundle website to learn more about each game, including system requirements, plus learn which charities your loose change will go to.

Humble Indie Bundle 18

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