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This would’ve been an image of tux screaming but I can’t draw

Boo — there’s an all-new Humble Bundle out on the prowl, and this one is a total scream!

The latest incarnation of everyone’s favourite gaming bundle is trick o’ treating with eight horrific highlights in town, all of ’em full of jump scares, gore and beastly thrills.

But only for thirteen more nights!

In all there’s $143 worth of games on offer for a frightfully low price, including Dead Age, Alien: Isolation, and Layers of Fear. You can pick your own price for some of these game, while others hide behind pay tiers.

You can conjure up any amount for:

  • Dead Age
  • DreadOut
  • DreadOut: Keeps of the Dark
  • Lakeview Cabin Collection

Opt to pay more than the average and you’ll stake:

  • Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition
  • Alien Isolation
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

Pay more than $10 and you also snag Dead by Daylight, a Windows only game with some seriously impressive Steam reviews.

Not all games included in this bundle support Linux (the ones bolded in the bullet list above do). And remember: you can always give the Steam keys for the non-Linux games away to someone you hate love — an act which makes you look really bloody …charitable!

Talking of charity: don’t be a total ghost when buying. As with other ‘orrible offerings from the Humble folks you get to choose which charity (if any) a slice of your money goes to. And for this spooktacular money saver, why not help out those who help out black cats?

Whether you enjoyed all of the waffle that led you this far down the page or not you can go ahead and knock yourself out with all the fang-tastic details on the Humble Spooky Horror Bundle by clicking this:

Humble ‘Spooky Horror’ Bundle

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