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If the Humble Bundle for PC and Android 10 hasn’t tempted you so far, well done on resisting. But with a bunch of extra titles just added, think you can keep it up?

The obligatory mid-run additions consist of top-down adventure game Ittle Dew, the original Fieldrunners to go alongside the sequel that’s part of the main bundle, and, for the tactician within you, Frozen Synapse.

These games bolster the total number of titles on offer to a round 10, with the rest of the line up including innovative music game Symphony, Draw a Stickman: EPIC and a double pack of Galcon Legends and Galcon Fusion. ‘Beat the average’ additions include Skulls of the Shogun, Metal Slug 3, Fieldrunners 2, and Breach & Clear.

While all of the games making up this bundle support Linux not all of them are available to install through Steam for Linux. Stickman, Fieldrunners 1 & 2 and Metal Slug 3 need to be downloaded and run manually. It’s no great hassle, but worth being aware of.

Go Get ‘Em!

Chances are you know how this whole Humble malarky works, so head on over to the official website before Tuesday, June 10 to cough up your cash and grab the games.

Humble Bundle Website

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