Now on its tenth (!) iteration, the latest Humble Bundle for PC and Android has gone live today, May 27. 

Chances are you’re very familiar with how the Humble Bundle setup works by now: you can pay as much (or as little) as you want for a set of great games, many of which are brand new to Linux. In addition to netting yourself some well-crafted entertainment you also help charity and put food on the tables of indie games developers.

Tl;dr: it’s a win-win-win. 

So what’s on offer this time? Handing over any amount bags you three top titles — music-based Symphony, innovative Draw a Stickman: EPIC and a double pack of Galcon Legends and Galcon Fusion. Pony up an amount closer to $5 (at the time of writing) and you unlock four additional games — Skulls of the Shogun, Metal Slug 3, Fieldrunners 2, and Breach & Clear.

Paying more than $1 gets a Steam redeem code.

As is par for the course with virtually all Humble Bundles you can expect even more titles to be thrown into the mix before the fortnight-long offer is done and dusted.

So, whether you’re looking to fatten up a svelte gaming catalog or indulge one that’s already fairly fat, this latest set of games might be just the (meal) ticket.

Visit the Humble Bundle Website

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