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A new Humble Bundle is out, ready for you to throw money at — and this one is all about sports.

Whether you’re into rally driving, football, fishing or blood-soaked hockey (no, really) the Humble Sports Bundle should have something to please.

The latest Humble Bundle lets you snag DiRT Rally dirt cheap!

The offer is packed with a capable crop of well-regarded competitive sports games, including DiRT Rally, F1 2017 and Grid 2 (but don’t get excited about that one just yet).

You have a couple of weeks to snag the Humble Sports Bundle, with the deal window closing will at 11am PT, August 14.

Humble Sports Bundle: Games on Offer

The Humble Sports Bundle touts 7 games in all, with a combined value of over $220.

As with most bundles from Humble you get to pay what you want (ish) and get to redeem on Steam, saving you the hassle

The games on offer are split in to 3 tiers, the idea being the more you pledge the more games you get to enjoy.

A single $1 thrown Humble’s way nets you the following games:

  • GRID 2
  • SEGA Bass Fishing
  • Eastside Hockey Manager

These aren’t exactly must-have titles to my mind. Grid 2, the follow up to multi-million selling Race Driver: GRID, is the easy highlight.

The “catch” (bass fishing pun, sorry) is that none the games in the entry level are available on Linux natively. Your experience with WINE may vary (if you can be bothered), and there’s nothing stopping you giving the keys away for these though, if you’re feeling generous.

It’s the second tier of the Sports Bundle that sports the real goodies.

  • Motorsport Manager
  • DiRT Rally
  • Super Bloody Hockey

All of the “beat the average” games are available to play Linux (hurrah) and worth each and every cent of the $6.09 or so you need to pledge to get ’em.

Not familiar with the retro-inspired Super Bloody Hockey? Check out this insane video review:

Beat the average and you also get a 75% off coupon for Football Manager 2018. A coupon? SERIOUSLY? I want another game, yo! Still, it’s better than a ball to the groin, I guess.

Finally, if you’re a Johnny big bucks pledging $12 or more you’ll score something really big:

  • F1 2017

You don’t need me to tell you that F1 2017 is a really decent title. It has a tonne of positive reviews and critical acclaim behind it.

It launched on Linux in late 2017.

If you’re a fan of realistic racing simulators, and have been itching to try the game out, $12 is all you need to pay — and remember, that is $12 for all the games listed above, not just F1).

Get the Humble Sports Bundle

Sports games aren’t for everyone, but I think this bundle balances variety nicely. A few too many “manager” games, sure, but also some really decent titles.

DiRT Rally, for instance, even made our list of the best Linux games 2017.

Interested? Don’t chuck your money at me, chuck your money at the screen behind yonder button:

Buy the Humble Sports Bundle

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