humble-bundle-13-smallHumble Indie Bundle 13 is here and marks the Humble Bundle’s 100th game brought to Linux!

A few rocky Windows-dominated bundles aside, the Humble Bundle team and indie developers have gone to great lengths to bring over 100 titles to our favourite platform. Along the way, Linux users have paid an average of $1 more than Mac users and $2.60 more than Windows users.

To mark this momentous occasion, the Humble Indie Bundle 13 includes 7 initial titles (and a free bonus game) all available for Linux. For any price you get:

  • OlliOlli
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
  • Tower of Guns

By beating the average you’ll also net the following games and any additional games added to the bundle over the fortnight:

  • Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
  • Jazzpunk
  • Risk of Rain (with 3 copies you can share with friends)

Upping your payment to a cool $12 also gets you Shadowrun Returns. And if you’re feeling really generous, a whopping $65 gets you the Humble Indie Bundle 13 Box O’ Treats that includes artwork, collectible cards, a cassette with music from the games (better dig out your Walkman!), clothes patches, and a hoodie. Worldwide shipping is included.

A bonus title, Teleglitch: Die More Edition, is available for free on the Humble Bundle page if you fork over your e-mail address.

As per usual, all of the titles are DRM free and paying at least $1 also gets you Steam keys. Get your Linux game on!

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