The official GTK project website has been given a striking new look.

Many coders looking to get started GTK app development likely make the website their first port of call, meaning the page needs to make a strong, confident first impression.

And the redesigned GTK website certainly does that. It pairs bold imagery and concise text with an uncluttered layout that puts essential links within easy reach.

The new website is pretty

I particularly love the prominence given to the various languages that are compatible with GTK development, including Python and Rust . Not making any assumptions about what a prospective developer wants to use is smart, and it acts a strong reminder of GTK’s overall versatility.

That said there are a few things the page could link to that it doesn’t, like app store or source code listings for the roster of featured GTK apps.

And while I appreciate linking to design guidelines is more of a ‘GNOME’ project thing than it is a GTK project one, I do feel some (outbound) links to various design initiatives would be useful.

Still, it’s early days and the website can be continually improved.

If you’re interested in learning how to developer GTK apps, or how to develop GTK itself, do skip on over and check out the shiny new page — just be sure to share it with any similarly minded people you know. Why? Cos the more new GTK apps that get built, the more #greatcontent I have for this blog!

Visit the GTK Project Website

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