A revamped version of the GNOME Clocks app will ship in GNOME 3.36, which is due for release next month.

Explaining more about the redesign in a blog post, GNOME developer Bilal Elmoussaoui writes that he and a fellow dev, Zander Brown, have “…been working hard to refresh the codebase and give [Clocks] a new look”.

All four main panes within the GNOME Clocks app have been rettmade based on mockups provided by the GNOME design team:

But it’s not just on desktop that these changes will be seen.

With many core GNOME apps now available on Linux phones like the Pinephone, special consideration was given to ensuring that Clocks’ simple interface adapts well to smaller screen sizes:

GNOME Clocks 3.36 mobile

In all, looking pretty good I think! Although Clocks isn’t the kind of app I use that often on the desktop (save for setting up world clocks so they are shown in the messaging tray/calendar applet) it’s an integral tool.

You can read more about the effort behind this update on Bilal’s blog. You’ll find code for the refreshed GNOME Clocks on Gitlab.

Are you running a modern Linux distribution? If so, you can install the current version of Clocks using a package manager of your choice.

Finally, to see more of this revamp in action check out this video that anime addict BabyWogue has just published — such great timing! 😉

Are you a fan (of the redesigned Clock app, not BabyWogue)?

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