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a mouse pointer

How to Change Mouse Cursor on Ubuntu

I recently covered a cool Linux cursor theme called Phinger, which prompted a few of you to ask if I could write a simple guide about how to change cursor theme in Ubuntu. So I […]

16 March 2022

Desktop Cube GNOME Extension Now Supports Background Panoramas

Workspace switching just a whole look cooler with the addition of background panoramas to the Compiz-inspired Desktop Cube GNOME extension.

11 March 2022

Easy Way to Get Semi-Transparent Windows on Ubuntu 21.10

For a quick and easy (if slightly resource intensive) way t get transparent blurred app windows on Ubuntu 21.10 check out this GNOME extension.

5 March 2022

‘Desktop Cube’ GNOME Extension Now Supports Click & Drag Deform

That Desktop Cube GNOME extension now supports click & drag directly on the desktop, just like the original Compiz Cube effect that inspired its creation.

27 February 2022
ubuntu 22.04 accent colours

Ubuntu 22.04 May Offer a Choice of System Accent Colour

A choice of system accent colour could be on offer in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Devs have already created a working demo to pick an accent colour for Yaru.

3 February 2022

‘Phinger’ is a Pointedly Cool Cursor Theme for Linux Desktops

I'm writing about a cursor theme cos I never write about cursor themes! Phinger Cursors is a high-quality pointer pack suitable for light and dark desktops.

1 February 2022

‘Burn My Windows’ Extension Adds Breaking Glass Effect & More Options

'Burn My Windows' is the GNOME Shell extension that just keeps on giving. New effect and a much-request option included in its latest update.

31 January 2022
mutter-rounded on ubuntu 21.10

‘Mutter Rounded’ Gives Apps a Translucent Blur Effect on Ubuntu

It's a bit showy but I can't deny that I'm partial to a bit of translucency on the desktop. This patch for Mutter brings an opaque sheen to GTK apps.

25 January 2022

Install Papirus Icons on Ubuntu for a Bold New Look

Give the Ubuntu desktop a new look and feel by installing the Papirus icon theme. The icon set covers thousands of apps and can be installed from a PPA.

23 January 2022

How to Change Ubuntu’s Login Screen Background

Want to change Ubuntu's login screen background? I walk through the steps for changing GDM background to a solid colour, gradient, or custom image.

21 January 2022

‘Burn My Windows’ GNOME Extension Adds 3 New Effects & Random Mode

A couple of new Star Trek-esque effects have been added to the ‘Burn my Windows’ GNOME Shell extension. If you’ve not yet heard about this bling-tactic add-on, it animates closing windows (and optionally dialogs) in […]

17 January 2022
Nord GNOME theme

‘Nordic’ GTK Theme Brings Nord Color Scheme to Linux Desktops

Nordic is a GTK theme based on the Nord colour scheme. It's available in several variants and a GNOME Shell theme is also included. More details inside.

16 January 2022