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Give your Ubuntu desktop a stunning new look with GTK themes, free icon packs, Conky, visual customisation tools, rad wallpapers and more – all of which you’ll find badged with this tag.

Want to Customise Libadwaita? Give ‘Gradience’ a Try

Some see libadwaita as an intentional roadblock, placed to get in the way of end-user customisation but this new app added to Flathub proves otherwise.

31 August 2022

‘Nephrite’ is a Classy New GTK Theme for Linux Desktops

One of Linux desktop's most prolific — not to mention best, imo — theme makers has released a brand new GTK theme for us all to go gaga over: Nephrite.

28 August 2022
papirus icon theme

Papirus Icon Theme’s August Update Adds 45+ New Icons

Paprius icon gets a summer refresh adding more than 45 new app icons to the popular icon pack, plus redesigned icons. Find more details inside this post.

8 August 2022
square window corners and rounded window corners with an arrow

Give More Apps Rounded Corners with this GNOME Shell Extension

This new extension for GNOME Shell makes it easy to add rounded bottom window corners to GTK3, Electron, Qt, and other desktop Linux apps, which is cute!

2 August 2022

Updated: This GNOME Extension Brings ‘Material You’ to Linux Desktops

Material You on Android is a very popular personalisation trick, and now an enterprising developer brings it to Linux desktops via a new GNOME extension.

1 August 2022

‘Sunamu’ is a Slick ‘Now Playing’ Widget for Your Desktop

I usually use Conky to show 'Now Playing' info from music players on my desktop. I recently switched to Sunamu and in this post I share it with you!

26 July 2022
papirus icon theme

Papirus Icon Set Updated with 60+ New Icons

Papirus icon theme just got an update adding over 60 new icons, as well revised versions of many existing icons. More details on what's changed, inside.

11 July 2022
firefox libadwaita theme

Firefox GNOME Theme Now Follows GTK4/libadwaita Styling

Adwaita fans will be thrilled to hear the GNOME Firefox theme pack (which makes Firefox look like GNOME Web) has been updated to follow libadwaita UI.

7 July 2022

New Effect Added to ‘Burn My Windows’ GNOME Extension

Like over-the-top desktop interaction animations? The latest update to the Burn My Windows GNOME extension has added a new effect you'll love.

30 June 2022

Chertan is a Cool Circular Conky Theme for Linux Desktops

When I began writing his post I thought it'd take 10 mins: show a conky, give the download link, walk through the installation. Two hours later, this post.

23 June 2022
see current date on ubuntu calendar icon

Make Ubuntu’s Calendar Icon Show the Current Date

Want to make Ubuntu's calendar app icon show the current date? Well take a look in here cos we've come across an open source script that does just that.

8 June 2022

Ubuntu 22.04 Lets You Pick A Custom Accent Colour

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS includes a much-requested new feature: accent colours. Users can pick from 10 different colours to use in the GTK, Shell, and icon themes.

18 March 2022