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This GNOME Extension Makes the ‘Activities’ Label More Useful

GNOME Shell's 'Activities' button is iconic, but could the space it takes be put to better use? One GNOME extension developer thinks so, and this is how…

1 February 2023

‘Burn My Windows’ & ‘Desktop Clock’ GNOME Extensions Updated

A look at the latest updates to Burn My Windows and Desktop Clock GNOME extensions, with more personalisation options offers by these blingy bolt-ons.

15 January 2023
screenshot of a coverflow alt tab on ubuntu linux

Coverflow AltTab GNOME Extension Gets Updated

The latest CoverflowAltTab extension update intros a redesigned settings panel and improves multi-monitor support to deliver a slick way to switch apps.

28 December 2022

Rick & Morty Window Closing Effect for Linux (Because LOL)

There's a brand new effects included in the latest update to the Burn My Windows GNOME extension — if you're a fan of Rick & Morty it'll be very familiar.

24 December 2022
kora icons

‘Kora’ Icon Set Gives Your Linux Desktop a Classy New Look

If you're looking for a new icon set for Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro) don't pass up the chance to sample Kora — it's a beautiful new icon theme.

23 December 2022

This Simple Desktop Clock Looks Great on Ubuntu

Desktop Clock is a GNOME extension that …I'm sure you can guess! Ubuntu-friendly, the timepiece is highly customisable, and also displays the current date.

21 December 2022

4 Clock Applet Layouts to Use in Xfce 4.18

This post won't appeal to many, but hey: at the very least it'll be there for me to reference next time I want to rejig the clock layout on my Xfce install.

15 December 2022
How the Steam Adwaita theme looks on linux

Check Out This Awesome Adwaita Theme for Steam Linux Client

Are you an avid gamer who loves the look of GNOME's Adwaita theme? If so, there's now an unofficial Adwaita theme for the Steam games client — amazing!

8 December 2022

This New Icon Theme Offers Adwaita-Style Icons for 3rd Party Apps

The 'MoreWaita' icon theme is a community-based project providing Adwaita style icons for a swathe of Linux apps, including VLC, Steam, Krita, and Spotify.

2 December 2022

New Extension Brings Ubuntu’s Calendar & Clock Icons to Life

I spotlight a simple GNOME extension that replaces the icons for GNOME Clocks and Calendar apps with dynamic, real-time alternatives. Check it out!

27 November 2022
papirus icon theme

Papirus Icon Set’s September Update Adds 38 New Icons

Paprius icon set gets an Autumn update that adds 38 new and updated app icons. The popular icon pack now covers more Linux-friendly apps, tools, and games.

11 September 2022

4 Retro Effects Added to ‘Burn My Windows’ Extension

GNOME extension 'Burn My Windows' needs little introduction. Its pick n' mix of pretty effects have earned a legion of fans. We look at its newest effects.

7 September 2022