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ambiance rw gtk theme

Are These Ambiance Theme Forks Better Than The Real Thing?

Ahh, Ambiance. It’s been the default Ubuntu GTK theme for almost as long as I’ve been blogging, but it’s far from being the design darling it was when it debuted back in 2010. Ubuntu wants […]

18 November 2017
The Best GTK Themes

Essential Guide: 11 Best GTK Themes for Ubuntu (2021 Edition)

Here's our pick of the best GTK themes for Ubuntu and other Linux distros, fully up-to-date for 2020. If you're ready to revamp your desktop, read on!

2 November 2017
ant gtk theme

Ant is a Flat GTK Theme with a Bloody Bite

Between Arc, Adapta and Numix it kind of feels like Linux has the whole flat GTK theme thing covered. But proving their’s always room for one more is Ant. Ant is a flat GTK theme for […]

24 September 2017
Adapta theme for KDE Plasma

Adapta Theme is Now Available for the KDE Plasma Desktop

The hugely popular Adapta theme is now available for KDE Plasma users to enjoy. A new port brings the Adapta GTK theme to the KDE Plasma 5 desktop for the first time, news that will […]

24 September 2017

Make Visual Studio Code Match Your Gtk Theme

Here's a useful Visual Studio Code extension that helps theme the app to match a slate of popular GTK themes, including Arc, Adapta and Ubuntu's Ambiance.

22 September 2017
Komorebi is an animated wallpaper app for Ubuntu

Komorebi 2 is an Animated Wallpaper App for Ubuntu

Komorebi 2 is an animated wallpaper background app for Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. It supports video wallpapers, parallax backgrounds, and more.

8 September 2017
Numix Square icon set on Ubuntu desktop

Ubuntu Desktop Looking Dull? Try Numix Square Icons

Numix Square icons give your Linux desktop a soft, streamlined and modern appearance. We show you how to install Numix Square icon set on Ubuntu.

22 August 2017

Flat Remix Icon Theme for Linux

Flat Remix icon theme is — faux gasp — a flat icon theme for Linux desktops (mainly those using GNOME) with broad application coverage. Check it out!

9 August 2017

How To Add Blur to GNOME Shell

Remember how sexy the Unity Dash looked with its background blur effect enabled? Blyr brings something similar to GNOME Shell. It’s a straight-forward GNOME extension that adds a blur effect to the Activities Overview screen. A […]

11 July 2017

Add Bling to the ‘ls’ Bash Command with Colorls

Are you a longtime lover of the ls command? If so here’s a small Ruby gem that “beautifies” this common command with color and font-awesome icons. And the result is as luscious as it is […]

9 July 2017
folder color thumbnail

Folder Color Now Works With More Icon Themes, Includes More Color Options

A couple of weeks back we spotlighted Folder Color, a simple app that makes it easy to change folder color on Ubuntu. Great timing it turns out as the app has just picked up a […]

3 July 2017
papirus icon theme

Papirus Icon Theme Picks Up 64 New App Icons, Including Etcher, Standard Notes and InSync

Earlier this month the Papirus icon set received a small bump update, broadening the theme's app coverage and fixing a few mis-named glyphs in the process.

27 June 2017