Ready for your first look at the new default wallpaper for Ubuntu 23.04?

Course you are!

And with a codename like the “Lunar Lobster” it’s only natural that the designers of the official Ubuntu 23.04 background chose to lean lovingly into the ludicrous label with a lascivious zeal.

So here, in all its compressed JPEG glory, is Ubuntu’s luxe new lead:

Ubuntu 23.04 Default Wallpaper

Ubuntu’s designers had an unenviable task in translating such a wacky codename into a well considered graphic. There are stars! A moon! And… whatever those triangles in the corners are.

The constellation motif is, at first blush, a rather more simplistic rendition, certainly compared to the more detailed geometric/origami/line-art mascot representations we’ve seen until now. But, on the other hand, take the stars away and it’s still a lobster – so maybe not that different after all.

As pre tradition the new background is available in the colour version you see above, as well as a desaturated dull grayscale version should you have an aversion to colour.

All things said, this lusciously illustrated lobster should help to liven up Ubuntu’s latest release when it arrives on April 20, 2023.

Let me know your thoughts on Ubuntu’s new wallpaper, and how good/bad it compares to the AI-generated development wallpaper we’ve been gawking at since December, down below!

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