I know that the Papirus icon pack is hugely popular so I figured I’d ferry word that a new version is available for download

The June update is largely composed of symlinks to allow Flathub versions of apps already covered by the set match up to their corresponding icons. This includes icons for Adobe Reader, Godot 3, Jellyfin Server, Proton VPN, Puddletag, Waterfox, and ZSNES.

A handful of Steam titles, including Dream Logical World and popular emulator RetroArch, get icons; and the icon for VSCodium, a well-regarded “de-Microsoft’d” version of Microsoft’s VSCode editor, has been redesigned to echo the upstream emblem.

5 different icons from the Papirus icon set
New icons, including Chatterino (right end)

New icons are also included for Twitch chat app Chatterino, the Pop_Shop! software utility preinstalled on the Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS, and Atom text editor fork Pulsar.

Papirus is one of the best icon sets for Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. Its coverage is vast, with support for a wide range of apps, tools, and games, both open source and closed source. Users are able to make requests for new icons through Papirus’ GitHub page.

Want to try the set out? You can install Papirus icons on Ubuntu from the official Papirus PPA, which provides packages for Ubuntu 18.04 through to 23.10 (at the time of this post):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:papirus/papirus
sudo apt update && sudo apt install papirus-icon-theme

To change icon theme on Ubuntu you can use the GNOME Tweaks tool, which is available to install from the Software app.

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