The default Ubuntu icon theme isn’t the most glamourous of icon sets but I like that; it doesn’t distract me from working or get in the way. 

But that’s not to say it couldn’t do with a bit of oomph in a few places.

Enter FS Icons by DeviantArt user franksouza183.

FS Icons is not an icon set in the traditional sense as it only actually comprises of folder icon replacements – but as I’m not looking for a complete theme overhaul on my desktop these suit me quite well.

“For now it only covers the main icons of folders and some others, such as chat status,” franksouza says, adding that additional icons may be produced in time.

Not The New Ubuntu Icon Theme

If you recognise the stylings of the folder but can’t quite put your finger on what it’s because the icons are loosely based on concept designs for a proposed Ubuntu icon theme by Yellowicons produced several years ago.


FS Icons can be downloaded from the artists deviant art page @

To install, extract the folder to ‘home > .icons’, then apply the ‘FS Icons’ theme using Ubuntu Tweak, GNOME Tweak Tool or MyUnity.

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