You don’t need to look hard to find extra themes for use in Ubuntu – but few look like this particular one.

In fact it’s so different to most theme’s we’ve covered here on OMG! Ubuntu! that I’m not sure whether I actually like it for how it looks or solely for its novelty.

Two ‘versions’ of the theme are supplied – though the only difference is the ‘style’ of colourful backdrop.

Edit: The first image we’ve been asked to remove as the background the theme-maker has used was acquired without permission of it’s author. This claim has also lead to the theme being removed from DeviantArt.

Malys RevoLT:

malys GTK theme


The theme is readily available to download – hit the button below to grab it – and works in Ubuntu 11.10 upwards.

To install and apply the theme I recommend installing MyUnityย from the Ubuntu Software Centre first.

Download Malys Theme

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