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Availability Of Dell’s Linux Laptop Confusing US Buyers

Trying to buy Dell's developer-orientated Ubuntu laptop - the XPS 13 - is a confusing affair at present.

13 June 2013
Ubuntu Billboard

Ubuntu Axe Laptop Competition After Just 2 Weeks

Ubuntu's "Take a Billboard Photo and Win a Laptop" contest has been axed after just two weeks.

28 May 2013
Ubuntu Billboard

Ubuntu Announce Billboard Photo Taking Contest

Cameras at the ready - snap an Ubuntu billboard and you could win a Dell XPS laptop running Ubuntu!

14 May 2013

Hands On With The Dell XPS 13 Ubuntu Laptop

The Sputnik is Dell's cleverly code-named latest laptop endeavour. It's a Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook that has a line up of hardware that Dell feels will lure developers away from competing vendors. I spent just over a month testing out the Sputnik, having been sent a unit directly from the good folks at Dell. And here are my thoughts...

22 November 2012

Ubuntu PC Sales Skyrocket in 2011

Canonical's VP of Sales and Business Development, Chris Kenyon, shared some interesting stats on Ubuntu's uptake in the world during the recent Ubuntu Developer Summit.

2 November 2012

Ubuntu Adoption Grew 160% in India Last Year

Adoption of Ubuntu grew by a staggering 160% in India over the last year, according to Canonical CEO Jane Silber. The statistic, Silber says, is based on data Canonical are privy to, such as security updates, downloads and the number of pre-loaded devices sold.

28 June 2012

Ubuntu Dell Laptops Go on Sale in India

Dell computers pre-loaded with Ubuntu are being rolled out across 850 retail stores in India. The move is the latest in a string of retail manoeuvres by Canonical and Dell, having arrived in 220 store across China late last year.

18 June 2012

In-Store Ubuntu Displays, PCs Come to China

Imagine walking into a PC store and being greeted by a large Ubuntu-branded display with a host of Ubuntu-powered devices for sale. Well, if you're a PC-seeking shopper in China you'll have over ample opportunity to see just such a display, as Canonical's new retail partnership with Dell puts Ubuntu-powered machines in over 200 stores across the country.

27 October 2011
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Dell’s new Vostro V130 – Ultra-Thin Ubuntu Laptop

Available pre-installed with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, the Vostro V130 builds on its predesscor the V13, maintaining the slim profile, light weight and full-bodied performance that a netbook is unable to offer.

30 November 2010

Dell not dropping Ubuntu, adds new ubuntu-powered tower to online store

Scratch your head and then touch your toes; a few days ago news eeped around the blogosphere that Dell were deciding to drop Ubuntu-based offerings from their online store for a limited time due to […]

27 July 2010
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Dell ditching Ubuntu machines from online store

In a rather bizarre move Dell have decided to drop Ubuntu-loaded computers from their online store. The move, they say, is down to simplifying their online offerings; “Ubuntu systems are primarily targeted towards advanced users […]

25 July 2010