20 Must-Have Ubuntu Showdown Apps

Last month developers across the world spent three short weeks crafting over 130 applications as part of the Ubuntu App Showdown contest.

From these, three winners were picked by a jury of judges: RSS reader ‘Lightread’, puzzle game ‘Picsaw’ and web-app creator ‘Fogger’.

But that’s not where the contest ends. It’s now up to you to decide which apps win the last 3 prizes up for grabs.

To help you get started we’ve listed our top 20 submissions – jury winners omitted – that are worth installing regardless of whether you intend to vote or not

A Quick Look At More Ubuntu AppShowdown Apps In Development

The Ubuntu App Showdown is drawing to a close, but developers still have the weekend to polish off and package up their entries.

Over the last three weeks we’ve taken a look at various entries in various states of progress – from RSS readers to an awesome desktop-integrated Google Docs app – but here some more interesting apps in development that we haven’t previously mentioned…

Ubuntu App Showdown: Rise of the RSS Clients

With just six days left for app developers to craft their submissions for the Ubuntu App Showdown,

Amongst the massive response thus far known, one type of application has proved particularly popular: RSS clients.

Below I highlight four such entries, all of which, in just over one weeks time, will be available to install through the Ubuntu Software Center.*

Bring Google Docs to the Ubuntu Desktop with GWOffice

Google Docs is a great and capable office suite, but its browser-bound nature puts many users off of using it as a full-on LibreOffice replacement.

Google have recently announced offline support for the web-based suite, but for many this still won’t be entirely ideal.

So enter GWOffice – a desktop-based Google Docs editor that is in development as part of the Ubuntu App Showdown.

Ubuntu App Showdown Progress

Ubuntu’s App Showdown contest, in which users are tasked with making an application from scratch in just three weeks, is barely been running  a week yet there are already some notable app projects in development….  Below is just […]