Community Voting on the 130+ apps submitted to the Ubuntu App Showdown contest has begun.

Developers of the three best-rated applications during the period will win Nokia N9 phones.

The winners of the jury vote are ineligible to win prizes in the community vote.

How to Vote

With over 130 apps to review installation and testing should be easy, right? Well, no.

Here’s the kicker: It was expected that all of the applications would be included in the Ubuntu Software Center prior to judging. But this is now not the case.

Instead voters are being ‘encouraged’ to add as many of the 130+ PPAs as they want.

As an off-set, the PPA approach allows developers to release updates to their applications throughout the voting period.

So why the change? David Planella, one of the Ubuntu devs behind the contest, cites the ‘effort and time’ required to ‘review the huge number of contest apps …for the Software Center.’

Users wishing to vote will need to add and install an app from the relavant PPA listed here, then complete the voting form available here.

If an app changes after you have voted you can revisit the voting form (in the browser you completed it in) to adjust your scores. You can do this up until the deadline.

The deadline for voting is Wednesday August 29th.

Don’t fancy installing over 100 apps? We’ve got a rundown of the 20 must-install apps coming up… 

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