Popular Mac web app makerFluid is getting a Linux sibling – albeit unofficially – thanks to an app submitted as part of the Ubuntu App Showdown contest.

Fogger lets Ubuntu users quickly create and run websites, services and utilities in a dedicated, WebKit-based window on the desktop.

Doesn’t sound that special, right? Chrome, Firefox and Epiphany all offer web-app creation.

But Fogger has something special up it’s sleeve.

“The main selling point is desktop integration with unity like desktop notifications, unread message count on launcher icon and maybe indicator [App Menu] and thus HUD,” says developer Owais Lone.

Which in short, it sounds brilliant.

To whet appetites he’s also posted a short video demonstrating what Fogger can do thus far:

Current limitations mean that you can’t hide the rather chunky status bar (yet); there are no quicklists (yet); and no launcher badges (yet).

But with a good weeks worth of development time to go until the contest ends there’s a good chance that many of these may yet appear.

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