Whether you’re an amateur developer or seasoned pro the Ubuntu App Showdown is a great way to put your skills to the test.

Better yet you might even win one of two Ubuntu laptops from System76!

The contest itself has been running for just under a week, but there is still ample time in which to get involved – though you will need to put in some graft to make up for the lost time.

You’ll find more information on the contest, including rules, prizes, winning criteria, and deadlines in our previous post.

But to help jump start you we’ve highlighted some helpful video tutorials to help jump-start your developmental juices.

Video Tutorials

What can you do in 40 minutes? Probably nothing quite as awesome as learning how to make an Ubuntu app! Jono Bacon is the tutor in this in-depth, beginner-friendly guide. A must watch.

Ubuntu’s David Planella talks about he created his handy Qr code generator app Qreator using Ubuntu’s easy-to-use development tools.

If you’re already pretty au fait with the basics, but want to learn about adding unity integration into your app, this 10 mins vlog from Ubuntu developer Michael Hall should scratch your itch.

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