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[How To] Add Unity, Ubuntu One, Social Features, More to Your #AppShowdown Apps

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Ubuntu’s three-week long App Showdown contest is almost halfway through, and some great applications are starting to emerge.

If you’re taking part then you’ll know that time is precious; you’ll want to add as much functionality to your app as possible before the deadline.

To help you along the Ubuntu Development Team have been hosting a series of online workshops designed to help you learn how to add additional features to your apps.

All of these workshops are recorded and hosted on YouTube – so if you couldn’t attend one live you can still benefit.

Adding Unity Integration to Your App

Adding Ubuntu One Integration to Your App

Adding Social Media Support to Your App

Adding Multimedia Support to Your App

Packaging your App in Ubuntu

Submitting Your App to the Ubuntu Software Center