Ubuntu’s App Showdown contest, in which users are tasked with making an application from scratch in just three weeks, is barely been running  a week yet there are already some notable app projects in development…. 

Below is just a small selection of applications that I know about.

There are plenty more out there, many of which are being worked on in secret. But if you’re not shy about your work we’d love to track its progress – so get get in touch via the usual methods.


Zach Burnham is working on a daily journalling application called ‘DayJournal‘ (below left).

It’s purpose is simple: make keeping a digital journal as simple and straightforward as a physical one.

But what happens when a slick journaling web app goes away? What happens when the desktop app that stores your journal entries in a password-protected cryptic file format becomes outdated? You’ll start to lose confidence in keeping a digital journal and try to keep on with pen and paper. And that just won’t work. Because you want to type it.

Progress can be tracked via Zach’s PPA.

Imgur Browser

Discuvr (above, right) is a desktop-based browser for the Imgur photo sharing website.

So far Discuvr doesn’t let you comment or vote (key features on the Imgur site itself) but it does let you see the latest popular (and usually very funny) images without needing to open up your browser.


E-books fans should keep an ear out for LibreEdit. Developed by Neil Munro, it aims to make the ‘import, edit and export ePub books’ easy.

“It will do this graphically and not having to break open the epub files manually, everything from changing the author information to the actual chapter content should be handled inside the application,” Munro writes on his blog.

And from the initial screengrabs of his work thus far, it’s looking good:

RSS Readers

RSS Readers appear to be the idea de jour of the contest. I know of a least 4 such applications being worked on.

Two of these are ‘publicly known’, including one from the development team behind task management app NitroTasks. From the peek i’ve been given I looks very slick.

Also in the works is a ‘Pandora style’ client by ‘jjed’: –

Manga Reader

Like Manga? The developer of this app aims to create a desktop app for reading your faovurite Manga without needing to open a browser.

‘You can choose through a list of 40 mangas,’ he writes on Reddit, ‘And you can save any manga’s page into your disk or create a Pdf file with the episode you choose.’


I like the sound of this one: a cloud management application that aims to provide a GUI for ‘configuring and starting instances, applying DNS settings, running  provisioning scripts, provides server status’.

Reddit App

This one doesn’t need much explaining, and from the WIP screenshot already available it looks like it has some super handy features already:

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