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KDE Dev Says Ubuntu Phone Fans Being ‘Duped’

In a rant on Google+, KDE Plasma Active developer Aaron Seigo takes Canonical to task over a statement made in a recent press release for the Ubuntu Phone.

16 February 2013

Ubuntu for Nexus 7 Gets Updated

An updated version of Ubuntu for testing on the Nexus7 tablet has been released.

9 November 2012

Ubuntu Nexus 7 Installer App Released to Devs

Google's Nexus 7 tablet is, as Mark Shuttleworth revealed last week, to be Ubuntu's 'reference' device on which the 'core' of Ubuntu will be tweaked. By 'viewing Ubuntu through a mobile lens' developers will be address CPU, RAM and power usage issues, making them better. The net result is that all devices - tablet, desktop or TV, will benefit.

26 October 2012

Ubuntu Demoed on Nexus 7 Tablet

Ubuntu's shift onto tablets and mobiles is now afoot, as a new video demoing Ubuntu on a Nexus 7 shows.

20 October 2012

Ubuntu 12.04 Firmware Released for SmartQ T20 Tablet

Ubuntu firmware has been made available for the SmartQ T20 tablet by its manufacturer, Smart Devices. The Android-toting T20 ships with Android 4.0.4 preinstalled by default, but users can choose to flash Ubuntu 12.04 on to their devices by downloading the newly released firmware.

20 June 2012

SDG Launch ‘Military Grade’ Tough Tablet Running Ubuntu 10.04

In need of a 'rugged, military-grade tablet' running Ubuntu? Well you're not the only one apparently... SDG Systems, a self-described reseller of 'value-added reseller of rugged computing products, have launched an Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition version of their (somewhat aged) Trimble Yuma tough tablet.

5 February 2012
Ekoore Python S Tablet

Ekoore Python S Tablet Triple Boots Ubuntu, Android & Windows 7

A new Ubuntu tablet is on the market - but it comes with company. The Ekoore Python S tablet ships with three operating systems installed.

1 February 2012
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Ubuntu Heading to TVs, Smartphones and Tablets

In an interview with ZDNets Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth has spoken of plans to bring Ubuntu to mobile devices, tablets and TVs. In his pre-UDS chat with ZDNet, Shuttleworth said called the move ‘a […]

30 October 2011

Ekoore announce two new tablets running Ubuntu 11.04

Little-known Italian hardware manufacturer Ekoore have announced two new tablet computers running Ubuntu 11.04, and a third running Android. Apparently named after programming languages, the Ekoore Perl has an 11.6" 1366 x 768 screen, and the Python has a 10" screen. The former measures in at 0.55" thick and the latter at 0.62" making for a fairly comfortable - although slightly bulky - size. For comparison, the Apple iPad 2 is 0.34" thick. As for the guts inside, the tablets appear to be little more than a stripped down netbook. Make the jump for more details and pricing.

29 June 2011

10" Ubuntu Tablet gets priced, spec’d and demoed

It’s hard to keep up with the slew of identikit Ubuntu tablets slipping out on to the Chinese market, but at least this one has some new information for us to digest.. The ‘TENQ P07’ […]

30 January 2011

Another Ubuntu-powered tablet appears

GizChina have posted news of another new (albeit dual-booting) Ubuntu tablet. The tablet boasts a dual-core 1.6Ghz Atom CPU, 1GB Ram, a 16Gb SSD hard-drive and a 9.7″ screen, all tucked up inside an iPad-esque […]

21 January 2011
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Gentouch tablet dual boots Android and Ubuntu for $369

If I said consumers were likely to over-dose on tablets this year it might sound tasteless. But with this years CES (Consumer Electronics Show) literally shoving them down users throats every-which-way, 2011 could be the […]

12 January 2011