An updated version of  Ubuntu for testing on the Nexus7 tablet has been released.

The most notable change is a bump in the kernel version, bumping it up to 3.1.10-7.11 and bringing the following fixes:

  • ISO support
  • NFS support
  • Add battery information (upower –dump now works)
  • LXC support
  • SND_USB_AUDIO enabled, SND_HDA_INTEL disabled

One non-kernel change is also present, namely a fix for the offensive hostname bug. Users affected and upset by this will need to reinstall to fix this. Instructions on doing that are linked to in this post.

But if you’re either not affected, or easily offended, by that issue then there’s no need for a fresh install. Just update using the Terminal* and the following commands:

  • sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install linux-nexus7

More Changes

Canonical’s Matt Fischer, who announced the update earlier today, has said Nexus 7 tester should expect ‘more changes to come’ via the traditional update process, adding:

‘These will include syncing the kernel config with the standard Ubuntu one and bug fixes in non-kernel packages.

We may not release a new image again until we have nightlies working. Please note that you should NOT enable any of the standard quantal archives and upgrade things from there. That will supercede some of our fixes like the ones in Nux and you will likely end up with an unusable system.’

Interested to see how Ubuntu runs on the Nexus 7? Here’s a video by YouTuber 

Image Credit: Matt Fischer

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