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ubuntu tablet birthday

The Ubuntu Tablet Was Announced One Year Ago Today

The world's first official Ubuntu Tablet was announced a year ago today. But are buyers of the Bq Aquaris M10 still using it, and what support can they expect going forward?

4 February 2017

Watch The Bq M10 Ubuntu Tablet Running OTA-13

Ubuntu OTA-13 rolled out earlier this week with some nifty new features in tow, and you can see them in action in the following set of videos.

23 September 2016

Ubuntu Demo Wireless Convergence on Bq M10 Tablet

A video demoing wireless convergence on the Bq M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet has been shared by Canonical.

18 July 2016

Watch: Ubuntu Tablet Fails Spectacularly in New Hands-On Video

Looking for an Ubuntu tablet review? Avoid this one. One blog went hands-on with the M10 Ubuntu Tablet and the results were far from pretty.

5 May 2016
bq m10 tablet hands on

Hands-On with Bq M10 Ubuntu Edition Tablet [Video]

The Bq Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet is now shipping and the first “real world” takes how well the device runs are starting to roll in. Not that we haven’t had a good old looksie at it […]

15 April 2016

And We’re Off: World’s First Ubuntu Tablet Is Now Shipping

Bq has begun shipping the world’s first Ubuntu tablet. Yes, if you pre-ordered one of the Ubuntu-powered slates from Bq last month you’ll want to keep an eye your email address over the coming days. […]

14 April 2016

Ubuntu Tablet Release Pushed Back? (Updated)

Bq has quietly pushed back the shipping date of its new M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet, which customers had been told would ship this week.

8 April 2016
ubuntu m10 tablet preorder

You Can Pre-Order The Ubuntu M10 Tablet Right Now

Bq is now taking pre-orders for the world's first Ubuntu tablet — and the price has finally been revealed!

28 March 2016
m10 tablet pre-oder

Ubuntu Tablet Will Be Available To Pre-Order On Monday

The world's first Ubuntu Tablet goes on pre-sale this coming, Monday, March 28. The 10.1-inch slate will be available in two models.

22 March 2016

Hands on With the BQ M10 Ubuntu Tablet (Video)

Want to see the new converged Ubuntu tablet in action? Well you can, as we roundup the best Ubuntu M10 Tablet hands-on videos from MWC.

22 February 2016

New Ubuntu Tablet: Everything You Need to Know (Updated)

Excited by news of the first Ubuntu tablet and convergence device? Us too. We answer some your burning questions, including price, specs and release date.

4 February 2016

New Ubuntu Tablet: Photo Gallery

See the new Ubuntu tablet up close, and get a closer look at the Unity 8 desktop in convergence mode.

4 February 2016