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Ubuntu ported to the Nook color

Another day and another device finds itself capable of running Ubuntu. This time the device in question is Barnes and Noble’s ‘Nook Colour’ eBook reader. With its 7-inch colour multi-touch touchscreen the device makes for […]

7 January 2011

Meet the SmartBook: Tablet, netbook, MID and more in one.

Always Innovating's new Smart Book device is so much of everything that's it's almost hard to describe. Specs, video and order information are all inside. Prepare to "wow" a little...

3 January 2011

Dual-screen Ubuntu-based tablet ‘Kno’ to ship this month

Dual-screen Ubuntu-based tablet ‘Kno‘ has brought its launch date forward to December this year, according to the PCWorld. Not in the know on the Kno? read on in to find out more.

19 December 2010