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Meet The World’s First Ubuntu Tablet (That Is Also a Desktop PC)

And Canonical say it will #reinvent personal mobile computing

4 February 2016
Bq M10

Bq Confirm Ubuntu Tablet with Convergence is Coming

Bq has teased the Spanish technology press about its upcoming MWC2016 presence, confirming that an Ubuntu Tablet will be involved.

19 January 2016

Unity 8 Greeter Shows Ubuntu Convergence In Action

A new video shows off yet more progress on getting Unity 8 ship-shape for desktop usage.

23 September 2015
convergence ubuntu

New Video Demos Ubuntu Convergence on Tablet, Phone

A new video shows how far Canonical has come with the idea of convergence, both at the software level and on working hardware.

27 February 2015

The ‘Mystery’ Bq Event Went Big on Android, Silent on Ubuntu

Few of us, save the most optimistic, were expecting today's media event from Bq Readers to yield news of the first Ubuntu Phone.

25 November 2014

Ubuntu To Make Amazon Product Results ‘Opt-In’

Future versions of Ubuntu will not show users Amazon product results in the Unity Dash by default — a reversal of a core feature introduced to desktop users in 2012.

31 March 2014

First Ubuntu Tablets To Launch This Autumn

Tablets running Ubuntu will hit the market 'simultaneously' with the first Ubuntu smartphones, Mark Shuttleworth has said.

20 March 2014

New Unity Scopes Technology Detailed by Canonical

Canonical has published details of its new Scopes technology, set to be at the core of the converged Ubuntu experience.

24 February 2014

Watch This Ubuntu Touch App Run Across Phone, Tablet and Desktop

The buzz word resonating throughout the mobile industry right now is 'convergence' – and Canonical are leading the charge to make it a consumer reality.

12 February 2014
Tweets displayed on Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu Touch Nexus 5 Support On Hold, Other Nexus Devices Dropped

The new Google Nexus 5 handset will not become a reference device for Ubuntu Touch development, Canonical's engineers have confirmed.

13 January 2014

Ubuntu Has ‘No Plans’ To Make a Smartwatch

Canonical has no plans to join the current tech trend for wearable technology, Canonical’s Jono Bacon has said. With many of the mobile industry’s major players, including Mozilla, Google and Apple, toying with wrist-mounted tech, […]

8 January 2014

Canonical Working To Bring Weather Channel App to Ubuntu Touch

Sunny days ahead – Canonical has today announced that its working with The Weather Channel to bring its popular app to Ubuntu for Phones and tablets.

4 December 2013