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A selection of GTK+, GNOME-Shell and Cinnaon themes, plus stunning Linux icon packs, cute Conky configs, Plank themes and plenty, plenty more.

Arc Is a Gorgeous GTK Theme for Linux Desktops (Updated)

This GTK theme is fantastic, but installing it isn't.

2 June 2015
how to see emoji in ubuntu

How To Enable Emoji On Ubuntu In One Easy Step

Emoji are cropping up all over the web, becoming a popular (if often baffling) part of modern communication. But how to see them in Ubuntu?

20 November 2014

Jelly Conky Adds Simple, Stylish Stats To Your Linux Desktop

I treat Conky setups a bit like wallpapers: I'll find one I love, only to change it the next week because I'm bored of it and want a change.

8 September 2014
4 icons themes for linux

Drab Desktop? Try These 4 Beautiful Linux Icon Themes

Ubuntu's default icon theme hasn't changed much in almost 5 years, save for the odd new icon here and there. If you're tired of how it looks we're going to show you a handful of gorgeous alternatives that will easily freshen things up.

5 September 2014
all in one conky circle

LG G3 Style ‘All In One Circle’ Conky Theme

With a near limitless variety of custom-made themes available for it, Conky has always been one of the best ways to add a splash of personality to any humdrum Linux desktop.

9 July 2014

Suru Icon Pack Brings a Touch of Ubuntu Phone to Android

If you're looking to give your Android device an "ooh" makeover, check out the free Suru Android icons pack from Moka.

4 July 2014

Zukimac Is a Flawless Mac Theme for Ubuntu (If You Like that Sort of Thing)

Zukimac is an OS X-inspired GTK3 theme that is uncanny in its appearance. Hunting out a decent Mac theme for your Ubuntu? Look no further.

15 June 2014
change folder icon color in nautilus

Easily Change Color of Folder Icons in Ubuntu With This Tool

If you ever fancy retooling your home folder to look like a rainbow, Folder Color lets you change colors ad-hoc with a right-click menu.

25 April 2014

Ubuntu Style Themes For Fluxbox Window Manager

If your favoured window manager on Ubuntu is the lightweight resource-efficient Fluxbox, read on.

9 April 2014

This Windows XP Theme Will Help Switchers Adapt to Linux

Upgrading from Windows XP to Lubuntu? This XP-style theme should make the switch easier, resembling Microsoft's aged OS in almost every area.

6 April 2014

Lubuntu’s ‘Box’ Theme Now Supports GNOME Shell, Unity Desktops

Long time users of Lubuntu will find a bunch of improvements have been made the default theme when upgrading later this month.

4 April 2014

App Windows Go Borderless In Ubuntu 14.04

Borderless windows are finally coming to the Ubuntu desktop — nearly three years after the style was originally proposed.  The one-pixel frame currently used around the edges of application windows running under the default Ubuntu themes will, […]

11 March 2014