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This post is pitched squarely at those of you whom endure use Windows 10 and who like the look of default Ubuntu.

If you don’t use/like/understand Windows 10, or don’t like the look of Bunt’s default theme then, well, this isn’t a post for you!

Maverick is a Windows 10 theme (‘visual style’) inspired by the look of the default Ubuntu theme ‘Ambiance’. It helps give your Windows install a fresh identity and could help make switching between OSes a little less jarring.

~dpcdpc11, the author of the theme, says:

“Maverick brings you the Ubuntu look to your Windows 10. Finally you can enjoy the orange and dark grey style with this redesigned theme that mixes the best from Ubuntu and flat clean elements, giving a beautiful and modern look to your PC.”

As the theme doesn’t strive for pixel-point accuracy, don’t expect it to transform the Windows 10 desktop into an Ubuntu clone, with left-aligned panel, Dash app launcher and all the rest.

No, Maverick 10 uses Ubuntu, its icons and its theme as a base. It works the colour scheme, window borders, font, and other visual elements of Ambiance into a theme that complements the Windows 10 user experience as much as it does re-theme.

The pack also includes a folder theme, a windows cursor scheme, an Ubuntu-coloured wallpaper, plus a matching PotPlayer skin (assuming you use it).

Download Ubuntu Theme for Windows 10

Now for the ‘fess up bit: I’m not knowledgeable enough to know exactly how you might install this on Windows 10, nor have I tried it myself.

Thankfully the theme maker’s DeviantArt page offers full blow-by-blow instructions (and naturally, there is a machine restart or two involved!).

Head on over to download the visual style and learn more:

Maverick 10 (Ubuntu Theme) for Windows 10

Like the idea but use Windows 7? Check out this version of the same theme. And if you really dig the work that’s gone into any of these themes be sure to throw some compliments and encouragement the theme author’s way.

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