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A selection of GTK+, GNOME-Shell and Cinnaon themes, plus stunning Linux icon packs, cute Conky configs, Plank themes and plenty, plenty more.

Final GIMP 2.8 Splash Screen

Give GIMP A New Look With ‘Flat’ Icon Theme

'Flat' is a 2D mono-chrome icon theme replacement for GIMP that looks especially good when used with Ubuntu's default themes.

3 September 2013

Moka – The Most Delicious Linux Icon Set Available Right Now

Moka is my favourite alternative Ubuntu icon set right now - and I think it could end up being your new fave, too.

27 August 2013

Flat Theme Trend Continues With Plateau Icons for Linux

Here's an icon set that will please those into 'flat design' - it's what clichéd people on the TV would called 'bang on trend' right now.

20 August 2013

Make Nautilus Toolbars Look Better in Ubuntu 13.04

Fed up of GNOME 3 apps looking less than perfect in Ubuntu 13.04? Don't be; download & install these themes to get theme conformity back.

1 August 2013

Music to My Eyes: An Ubuntu Skin for Spotify

Spotify fan Kurko has tweaked a few of the artwork assets used by the application toolbar so that it better matches the rest of the Ubuntu desktop.

9 June 2013

Add a Google Now-Style Weather Applet to The Ubuntu Desktop

DeviantArt user satya164 has knocked together a Google Now-inspired theme for Conky. And this post will walk you through installing it.

14 May 2013

Liven Up Your Ubuntu Desktop With ZonColor Themes

ZonColor is a super-theme-pack of 16 GTK3 themes, 21 icon theme variants, and a bunch of matching wallpapers - all designed to be mixed and matched.

8 May 2013

Ubuntu Touch-Style Launcher Icons for the Ubuntu Desktop

Aiming to bridge the design divide between desktop and phone, DeviantArt user Aerilius has created a set of replacement launcher assets (tile shapes, etc) that adds some of the phone's swish stylings to the stale look of the desktop.

10 March 2013

Ambiance Theme for KDE [Download]

Ever wished that your Kubuntu desktop looked a little bit more like Ubuntu, with its warm tones and orange highlights? Now you can...

12 February 2013

[How-to] Install the 13.04 Unity Launcher Design Updates

Along with the recently covered design changes heading (tentatively) to Ubuntu 13.04, came some changes to the Unity launcher. Now, if you're one of these folks who can't wait to get the latest thing I've created a simple little hack for you.

21 November 2012

An ‘OMG! Ubuntu!’ GNOME Shell Theme

Reader Ryan Davies dropped this little treat in my inbox recently - a GNOME-Shell theme based on the design of this very website!

21 November 2012

‘Ambiance Squared’ Frees Your Apps from Jagged Window Borders

"Arrrgh" cried the perfectionist Ubuntu user when looking at his screen, "My window borders look awful!" If you are using Ubuntu's default Ambiance theme then you, like the exaggerated exmaple user above, have jagged window corners on your windows. It's not a big deal for most (cue comments of 'I never noticed") but for others it... well it irks....

27 July 2012