New Spotify client on Linux

Spotify’s dark design is very much its identity. No matter the platform you use it on, the dark theme is there staring back at you.

Until now.

A bunch of ace websitesblogs and people I follow have spent the past 24 hours waxing lyrical over a new Spotify skin called Spotio.

As an avid Spotify listener myself (although only on the free tier, cos I ain’t made of money) I couldn’t not check it out.

So I did, but with my fingers tightly crossed that Linux support was on offer…

Spotio is a light theme for Spotify’s desktop app

Spotio theme

Spotio is the work of Devin Halladay, who was inspired to create the lighter, airier theme for Spotify after the (sorely missed) Rdio closed.

“If you decided to go with Spotify after Rdio was bought but, like me, you miss Rdio’s light UI, you’re in luck—I discovered that you can skin the Spotify app with CSS,” Devin writes on the Github project.

‘Linux support is coming this weekend’

Devon’s nifty hack reskins Spotify in a somewhat similar way to the Ubuntu Spotify skin we featured way back in history.

The “bad news” is that Spotio is currently only available for macOS, with the app being re-packaged and distributed with the new theme assets included.

The “good news” is that Linux support is coming. An installer is hopefully going to be ready to download over the weekend.

We’ll update this article as soon as we know the Linux build is out, but in the meantime you can learn more (and even download Spotio if you’re on macOS) at Devin’s website, or get involved in hurrying along the Linux build by contributing to the project on GitHub.

Spotio for Linux is now available. We’ve written a simple ‘how to’ guide for installing it on Ubuntu.
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