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A selection of GTK+, GNOME-Shell and Cinnaon themes, plus stunning Linux icon packs, cute Conky configs, Plank themes and plenty, plenty more.

spotify for linux

Spotio Is A Light Skin for Spotify’s Desktop App — And It’s Coming To Linux

Spotio is a light skin for the Spotify desktop app that provides an aesthetically pleasing antidote to the Spotify app's default dark look.

25 August 2016

Oranchelo is a Flat Icon Theme for the Linux Desktop

This is the Oranchelo icon pack for Linux, a flat, material design inspired XFCE4 theme that works great on Unity, GNOME and other Linux desktops.

16 August 2016
my ubunu 16.04 LTS desktop

How To Make Your Ubuntu Desktop Look Like My Ubuntu Desktop

People keep asking what GTK theme and icon set I'm using. I figured I'd be helpful. This is how to make your Ubuntu desktop look like mine.

10 August 2016

Papirus Icon Theme Update Adds More App Icons

Papirus is one of the best Linux icon themes, so we were pleased to hear it has been updated with icons for more apps, many of which we've written about.

7 August 2016

Hedera is a New Linux Icon Theme Inspired By an Old One

Hedera is a new Linux icon pack inspired by the past. Specifically, the Tango project.

2 August 2016

Adobe Style Icons For 10 Open-Source Creative Apps

Back in April I spotlighted a pair of Adobe style icons for GIMP and Inkscape — and a bunch of you really liked them. Well, hold on to your wobbly bits because the maker of those icons is back, […]

22 July 2016

This is a Slick Ubuntu Theme For Windows 10

If you want to make Windows 10 look more like Ubuntu then check out Maverick, a Windows 10 visual style inspired by the Ubuntu Ambiance theme.

16 July 2016

Get the Look of KDE Plasma 5 on Your GNOME Desktop

Plasma 5 breathed a new look and feel into the KDE desktop using a crisp new theme called 'Breeze' — and now you can get it on GNOME.

15 July 2016

How to Install Papirus Icon Theme on Ubuntu

Want to give your Ubuntu desktop a new look and feel? Here's how to install the Papirus icon theme on Ubuntu from a PPA.

4 July 2016
kylin square icons

In Which We Answer: ‘What Icon Theme Is In That Screenshot?’

Readers keep asking what icon theme I use in my screenshots. So here's a post answering, plus the full skinny on how to install it yourself!

30 June 2016

There’s Now An Official Arc Icon Theme for Linux

Arc is one of the most popular themes for Linux desktops and it's finally getting an official icon theme to accompany it.

5 June 2016

How to Install Arc GTK Theme on Ubuntu

We show you how to install the latest version of the popular Arc GTK theme on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

5 June 2016