Chinese communities worldwide began a new year on February 3rd. With 15 days of cultural celebrations rolling , Canonical decided to kick-start the party with a gift of its own.

Previously, for anyone to have a working Chinese version of Ubuntu, they had to tweak/fix language packs and input methods. Another way was to install an unofficial Ubuntu spin such as Dubuntu or LiUbuntu.

The downside though is that those teams were completely separate from the Ubuntu team, thus they did not receive the same quality assurance & support from Canonical.

That’s all a thing of the past now thanks to the timely debut of the new official Chinese edition of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Chinese Edition

Due to my lack of understanding of the language and of documentation available about the edition, I can only offer a micro preview of it. If anyone has a larger understanding please do comment.

This edition has every application included set up to use Chinese language input methods, language packs and dictionaries. Previously installing language packages and things of the sort weren’t always effective across every application.

It is for now only available in Meerkat flavor and Natty Alpha 2.

With the abundance of made-in-China Ubuntu tablets popping up nearly everyday, this leads me to believe that the New Year isn’t the only reason behind this release. For now, happy Chinese New Year to all celebrating the year of the Rabbit! You can download the Ubuntu Chinese Edition here!

Anyone else for Ubuntu 13.04: Raving Rabbit?

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