Unlike most screen recording programs for Linux, Kazam is an efficient monster with its editing and exporting options (in a clean, nice graphical user interface) and works with a standard, easy-to-edit format, but it is not without it’s downsides.

Kazam vs. GTK-Recordmydesktop

While Kazam is buggy and a bit of a chore to install at the moment it is basically in the alpha phase. Gtk-recordmydesktop has been around a long time and doesn’t have that excuse. Having tried both, I truly think Kazam is much better than gtk-recordmydesktop, especially since gtk-r has bugs and saves in a format which is very difficult to edit.

Bottom Line:

In my opinion, though it isn’t as powerful as using ffmpeg’s -x11grab, for those who don’t want to mess with the command line Kazam is a great,  multifaceted option.

How to Download Kazam:

Kazam isn’t available in the repository yet, so you’ll need to go about obtaining the software a different way. Here’s dood’s article on how to use the PPA for both stable and unstable releases.

You can help!

They have had great community response and support, but still need language translations, development help, bug testers and enthusiastic users to help Kazam evolve.  If you’re the one for the job,  check out the Kazam blog to learn more.

What are your thoughts of Kazam? Share your favorite screencasting programs below!

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