System76 has announced a brand new Ubuntu laptop, the System76 Galago Pro — and it’s every inch a MacBook killer.

‘The Galago Pro is slim and lightweight, and packs plenty of power under the hood’

The hunky-chunky plastic case of the computer company’s earlier laptops gives way with the Galago. Instead, the Pro’s case is made from an aluminum alloy, a material that is sure to see the model met by many a MacBook comparison.

The Galago Pro is slim and lightweight, yet it packs in plenty of power under the hood. It’s powered by choice of Intel Kaby Lake processors – Core i5 or Core i7-7500U – with Intel Integrated Graphics 620, and can be configured with up to 32GB RAM.

Ports wise the device appears to have an SD card slot; 2 USB 3.0 ports, a single USB Type-C port (not used for power) and separate microphone and audio jacks. A full-size HDMI and mini-Display Port are also included.

With a 13.5-inch HiDPI IPS display, thin profile, and weighing in at just 1.3kg, it’s certainly got the form to rival many premium Windows ultrabooks.

Galago Pro: Form & Function

“like our other laptops you can replace most of the parts easily”

“Our customers have been asking for this machine for a while, and we’ve wanted to do it. So here it is,” System76’s Community Manager, Ryan Sipes says.

But unlike many of aluminum laptops you won’t sacrifice upgradeability or worry about making your own repairs.

System76 tell us that “like our other laptops […] you can replace most of the parts easily with the exception of the motherboard (for obvious reasons). We also have our “open hardware warranty” which says you can replace pretty much anything (except the motherboard) and not void the warranty.”

You can see the side of the device in the (intentionally silent) video at the top of this post in which System76 rather bizarrely place various confectionary beside the device to show off its svelte profile.

Arguably a look at the backlit keyboard, the 4K display, and a better glimpse of those ports (I spy USB Type-C!) would do more to sell the device — the video makes me want to buy sweets, not a laptop!

The System76 Galago Pro is due to go on sale in April priced from a (very reasonable) $899. You can register your interest at this link.

We’ll no-doubt be back to tell you exactly when it’s available — so watch this space.

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