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Why Zeitgeist Is Not Evil

Privacy is the digital hot potato of today - and rightly so. What we do on our computers is, frankly, no-one else's business. We 'allow' some companies, such as Google and Facebook, to track what we do online so as to better serve us. And most of us don't mind. But is Zeitgeist - the 'relevancy engine' used in Ubuntu to keep track of which files and apps you use most - evil?

23 August 2012

Seif Speaks: Faster Zeitgeist for Everybody

It has been a while since I posted here, but the Zeitgeist team has been very busy lately and rest assured that lots of news will be hitting this site within the next 4 weeks. Collabora has been pushing us to optimize Zeitgeist performance and scalability, and we delivered. The next release of Zeitgeist will provide you with better performance. In some cases there is over 100% speed improvement.

14 June 2012
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Zeitgeist Ported From Python to Vala

Zeitgeist has been ported from Python to Vala - what does this mean for you? A faster, leaner and more responsive Zeitgeist.

4 November 2011
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GEdit Dash Plugin Released

Just a short update to those who helped Seif with Gedit stats earlier this week: his wdashboard overview start page for Gedit is available to download.

3 November 2011
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Seif Needs Your Help To Gather Some Statistics On Gedit

I am working on a dashboard (start page) for Gedit to make it easier for users to see their most commonly used files. We are not sure that for Gedit that "Frequent" is of interest for us, however before we take any decisions we decided to appeal to all gedit users who have been using Zeitgeist for over a month to use run the following script in a terminal via

27 October 2011
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Three Nifty Gnome Shell Extensions That Use Zeitgeist

Over the last few weeks I have been working on some nifty Zeitgeist extensions for GNOME Shell. I finally managed to finish all of these Zeitgeist extensions, and figured I'd share them with the OMG! Ubuntu! audience. Here's a brief rundown and instructions on how to install.

7 October 2011
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Zeitgeist news round up: Security, data sources and timey-wimey stuff

What's been happening in the Zeitgeist project of late? Let's take a quick look...

5 June 2011
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Activity Log Manager for Zeitgeist lets you blacklist files and apps, delete your history, more

The first release of 'Activity Log Manager', a new tool for managing Zeitgeist-logged activities and blacklists, is now available for download.

17 May 2011
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From Ubuntu to Fedora – Landing on foreign soil (the good, the bad and the ugly)

Recently I had to make a choice as to whether I wanted to stay with Ubuntu Unity or move to GNOME 3 and hence another distribution. I chose to move to Fedora because my work requires it, luckily though this has given me a new perspective as I have been a long time Ubuntu user.

25 April 2011
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Privacy settings are coming to Zeitgeist

Privacy settings are coming to Zeitgeist. (And in a pretty interface, too!)

17 April 2011
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Zeitgeist powered Jump-lists in GNOME Shell

Browsing around Zeitgeist developer and fellow OMG! Ubuntu! writer Seif Lotfy's YouTube I came across a short video demonstration of Zeitgeist powered jump-lists in GNOME-Shell.

24 March 2011
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‘NotifyLog’ Aims to Never Let You Miss Ubuntu Notifications

Ever been frustrated at just missing a notification bubble in Ubuntu by a split second? Log 'em with NotifyLog.

16 February 2011