The first release of ‘Activity Log Manager’, a new tool for managing Zeitgeist-logged activities and blacklists, is now available for download.

The tool provides quick andconvenientaccess to blacklisting, exempting and deleting activities monitored by the Zeitgeist semantic-search tool. Don’t want images logged? Just check off the ‘images’ box under the ‘Files’ tab. If you don’t want an entire folder monitored just add it to the folder blacklist. Same goes for applications too, which can be easily added graphically via a neat selector menu.

Adding files to the blacklist in Zeitgeist


Activity Log Monitor requires Zeitgeist 0.8.0 or higher. This is higher than the version shipped in Ubuntu by default, so Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 users will need to add and upgrade their existing Zeitgeist engine using the Zeitgeist PPA. To do this just add ‘ppa:zeitgeist/ppa‘ to theSoftware Sources dialog accessible via the Ubuntu Software Centre’s ‘edit’ menu.

Once added upgrade Zeitgeist via the Update Manager, log out and back in to restartZeitgeist. The proceed toinstall ‘Activity-log-manager’ via the Software Centre.


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